Monday, January 22, 2007

DIVERSITY PRINTING SERVICES DBA Diversity News Publications & Delforms (Archive)

Monday, January 22, 2007 

Announcing a new product line from DIVERSITY PRINTING SERVICES, a commercial and retail printing company with a renewal business partnership with Delforms, the world's leading check printer.

Hollywood, CA — DIVERSITY NEWS PUBLICATIONS, of The Diversity (c) News Family of Companies announced effective on: 01/22/2007 a new renewal business partnership with Delforms “The Check Experts,” the private label division of Deluxe Financial Services, Inc. - the world's leading check printer.

Esteban “Steven” Escobar, CEO, CFO, Owner, President and Chairman who has been in the design and printing business for more then 10 years announced the new renewal business partnership with Delforms.

He said:” I am very happy with the new renewal business partnership with Delforms which we started since 2/5/2003 and now with the creation of DIVERSITY PRINTING SERVICES Company I saw the need and urgency of our established customer & authorized dealers to continue grow and by providing other necessary products. With this new business partnership with Delforms we will accomplish it and that it was our purpose since we launched DIVERSITY PRINTING SERVICES, a division of DIVERSITY NEWS© PUBLICATIONS of the DIVERSITY © NEWS Family of Companies who officially started a partnership with BUSINESS CARD EXPRESS on 3/2006.”

Now you can simplify your to-do list by getting the checks and forms you need from someone you trust, DIVERSITY NEWS PRINTING SERVICES. Not only will you increase your efficiency, you can rely on your new checks and forms to work efficiently, too. In fact, they’re guaranteed to work with your accounting software We offer a complete selection of manual checks too

He added “Our goal is and will always be to work with the top printer companies in the city, state and other states to provide the best customer service and quality to our mutual clients, dealers & customers."

No matter how complex your recordkeeping needs, DIVERSITY PRINTING SERVICES can help you get exactly what you need:
Manual checks, Computer checks, Multiple-part checks
Want a unique look at a standard price? No problem You can personalize your standard check or form with logos, phantom prints and colored ink cost-effectively.

Diversity Printing Services will provide the following to their customers: Business cards or personal cards, flyers and Plus more, DIVERSITY PRINTING SERVICES can also help you with more products that you need to run your business including:
State-of-the-art endorsement stamps, Deposit tickets, Tamper-evident deposit bags, Deposit tickets, Modular storage boxes for checks & Other office necessities.
No matter what you buy, you can be assured of the following:
100% quality guarantee, Security features that exceed industry guidelines on every check, Fast, dependable service with standard check orders shipping within 3 working days.

Call today to place an order for a product, catalog or more information
Also if you are a business owner and is interested in becoming an authorized dealer of DIVERSITY NEWS PRINTING SERVICES and earn 25% of each sale contact us.

“At DIVERSITY PRINTING SERVICES, we will continue to provide more than 100% of customer satisfaction to our new, returning customers & authorized dealers by standing behind our services with our partners.”

He concluded: “Also as some of you may know we are looking to provide more than just printing services. We will also provide for your organization Silkscreen T-shirts printing with your company logo & advertising statement. With all my business partners and contacts you the customer or business owner will always get the best.”


NOTE: Editor if you are interested to interview and write a feature article about Mr. Escobar, an entrepreneur feel free to contact him directly at: (213)321-9408 or