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Custom Made Wood Name Plates - Place Your Order Now

Custom Made Wood Name Plates - Place Your Order Now

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Custom Silkscreen T-Shirts Printing Samples - Orders Yours Today

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Dear Current and Prospect Customers,

To avoid any delays or problems with your orders, you must provide us with PDF Camera ready file from 300 up to 600 DPI (Resolution).

Your art must be original and clean. We charge flat fee in our services, but you are also responsible to pay for delivery charges and any art work done for you.

Camera-Ready Artwork D E F I N E D:

Artwork - logos, illustrations, photographs, typesetting, boarders, graphics, reverses.Camera-Ready Artwork - Refers to artwork which is ready to be made into printing negatives. If not on disk, it should be black and white art on high-quality graphic arts paper, also know as a stat or PMT. Printing negatives are acceptable with crop marks. Artwork must be to the exact size with all components in place. It should be color separated using rubylith overlays and color registration bullets. A tissue overlay showing the color breakdown is also recommended.

Screens - Screens can be from 10% to 80%. Please specify in 10% increments. Screens will be created and stripped-in during the camera process if the artwork is not on computer disk. Please provide rubylith windows or clear film for areas that require screening. Please call for quotation on any artwork involving graduated screens.
Preparation Charges - In most cases customer provided camera-ready art eliminates the need for preparation charge. Typesetting is free. If you have artwork - that is not on disk - with graduated screens, please call for quotations.
Unacceptable as Camera-Ready - Preprinted materials such as sample labels, forms, letterhead, and business cards. Also photocopies, fax copies, and pen or pencil sketches are not acceptable. Low resolution paper outputs from computer laser printers (300-600 dpi) may be used, but only at your own risk; the dot pattern is coarse and the type and/or images tend to have rough edges.
We are happy to produce camera ready art work for you at an additional charge. Cost estimates will be provided and proofs will be sent to you prior to printing. Remember, typesetting is free as long as it is a font from the Adobe® Font Library. It is only your custom graphic images, that are not camera-ready, that will incur extra charges.

Art Specifications:
1. Only artwork 100% to size will be considered “camera-ready.”2. All copy should be no less than 1/16" inside the die cut (preferably 1/8").
3. All bleed copy must extend (bleed) 1/8" outside of the die cut. Bleed borders must be a minimum 1/16" thick with an additional 1/8" bleed outside of the die cut.
4. Minimum size type in positive print is 4 point in block type such as Helvetica and 6 point in serif type such as Times Roman. It is not recommended to use extra bold or light type faces smaller than 8 point.
5. Minimum size type in reverse print is 6 point in bold block type such as Helvetica Bold and 8 point in a serif type such as Bookman Medium. It is not recommended to use extra bold or light type faces smaller than 8 point.
6. Minimum size rule lines in reverse print are 1 point.
8. Registration of color to color requires a 1/32" (approx. 2 pt.) trap or overlap.
9. Due to the nature of Flexographic inks, any two colors that trap will produce a third color - i.e., blue over yellow will print green. If this is not acceptable, a 1 point black trap line between colors is recommended.
10. It is not recommended to bleed a butt cut label.
11. Screen values can be from 65-150 line screen and from 7%-90%. For art work on paper, a solid black and white stats/pmt must be provided so that screens can be added during the camera process. Do not send art work on paper that contains screens or halftones. (see “Screens” above in under Camera-Ready Artwork Defined)
12. For halftone images, 110-150 screens are used depending on detail. If not on disk, a sharp black and white continuous tone (photograph) glossy of the image to be screened is required.

Computer Files You may attach to e-mail
We accept the following file types (Macintosh & Windows versions):
  • Photoshop**
    • 600 dpi for line art
    • 300 dpi for gray scale (shades of gray) or full color (CMYK)
  • Freehand MX or earlier*
  • Illustrator CS2 (version 12) or earlier *
  • Quark 6.5 *
  • Corel file* - must be EXPORTED as an Adobe Illustrator file.
    • DO NOT convert Corel files to a .tif, they are not high enough resolution no matter what you do.
In order to avoid font problems, please convert all type to a graphic.
  • In Freehand it is called converting type to "Paths."
  • Illustrator calls it converting type to "Outlines."
  • Quark calls it "text to box." (it doesn't work well for small type)
  • Corel calls it converting text to "Curves."
*DO NOT embed imported graphics into design or page layout files. Send the graphic file along with the program file you used for layout
** When sending Photoshop files be sure you have it in the appropriate "mode" (found under "Image" in the menu bar). B/W line art files should be saved in the Mode "Bitmap". Grayscale should be in its appropriate file format (Image-Mode-Grayscale." Only imges to be printed in full color process should be saved as a CMYK or RGB file formate.
If you are using any of the above applications, send the application files as requested - DO NOT convert to generic .tif or .eps file
A .gif file is OK if you just want us to look at the image on screen for bidding purposes. We CAN NOT print from a .gif file, the resolution is too low.

If you are sending a bitmap file - .tif and some .eps - it needs to be 600 dpi at actual size for line art and 300 dpi for images with shades of color or grays.

We hope this information is good before placing an order with Diversity News Printing Services. Thank You.

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Custom Design Newsletter Sample for your organization

Design, type set and created newsletter for Catholic Healthcare West in Glendale, CA

No Projects are to small for us and we can work with your budget.